Saturday, August 20, 2011

Theokin Tracker

(Originally posted Sunday, July 24, 2011)

Now I've finished the proper drawing of a Theokin. It's a hunter tracking its prey, obviously. I got a bunch of random facts about them that I haven't had the chance to touch up in to a proper text so I'll just paste it as it is here for now.

(This all can obviously change in time. It's just a quick draft and WIP)
The Theokins White lizard-like creatures who mostly lives in snowy mountains but it has been rumoured that there are more tribes in other cold parts of the world. Kind of primitive but chooses to lives this way. They hunt to survive but they are not a violent race and does sometimes trade dried meat and animal hides/pelts if they are in need of something that they can’t find themselves in the mountains. But in order to trade they need to travel to one of the cities inhabited by other races outside the mountain area.

They often live in medium sized tribes with an elder as a leader. The elder can be either a male or a female Theokin but they have no real authority. Though the tribe respects and finds the advice, wisdom and knowledge of the elder when they decide things in the tribe. So there’s no real king or authority in the tribes. It’s just made up off of hunters with various secondary skills like skinning or building and crafting. A few of them leave the tribes to travel and/or trade but usually has some kind of level of hunting skills seeing as they learn this at an early age.

They have a god that represents the nature and they also got various smaller deities that they believe in. The god looks like a reindeer but with facial features that reminds you of a Theokin and they call it Raz'ingo. It is just a protector of the Theokins and not something they pray to in order to fulfill their needs because as long as they are protected and alive; they can fulfill their own needs without a higher deity handing everything to them. So they believe in working hard to get where they want instead of wishing they had the things they want.

Theokins usually build little settlement around one or several caves and use them for storing of food and protection when needed as they build their houses on and around the caves and mountain sides.

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